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316 Echo Street East Jordan, MI 49727 September 20, 2001 Ms. Jane Ferguson Complaints Department Hair Supplies Corporation 38 Hollow Drive Grand Rapids, MI 03821 Dear Ms. Ferguson: For many years now, I have been shopping at you hair supply shop and buying your hair dye. I've continued shopping there and I want to bring to your attention a problem with one of the products.

On Wednesday, May 21, at the hair supply store, I bought a dark brown hair dye. After using it that evening, it turned my hair blonde. It also turned my hair green too.

I called the Hair Supply store and they told me I could not get a refund on my hair dye. They also told me I couldn't get another hair dye with out paying for it.

I would like to get an apology, from the company. I shall expect a refund for the hair dye I bought and a new box of hair dye.

Sincerely, Jenn Myers