Physician Assisted Suicide

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For years assisted suicide has been a controversial issue. Those supporting it feel that terminally ill patients who are suffering should be able to choose whether they want to die or not. However, some people think that assisted suicide is morally wrong. I agree with the view of those who do not condone giving man the right to take human life for any reason. Physician assisted suicide is ethically wrong, it confuses the elderly, it may be abused, and it is Biblically wrong.

Ethics is a major part of being a doctor. A doctor who violates medical ethics could be put in jail or lose his job. The Oath of Hippocrates, which doctors recite, states that " I will not give poison to anyone, though asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a plan."� I think that the oath shows that doctors who aid in suicide are committing murder.

When it comes to medicine, the elderly often get confused. If a doctor tells them to do something or take something, they are going to do it because they trust the doctor. That is why elderly people are easily convinced that assisted suicide is a good thing. An article in Reader's Digest said that " A woman that had advanced ovarian cancer was taken to the hospital. Her husband went for a short walk while the doctor tended to his wife. Three hours later she died "" from lethal drugs that had been injected into her IV. The husband believes a doctor proposed the injection and his wife was swayed. " She always thought doctors knew best,"� the husband said. " It wasn't euthanasia "" it was murder."� Often the people are not even terminally ill or in physical pain. They are depressed, and want to end their lives.