Teen Suicide

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"Hi, I'm Andrea," was the first thing she said to me, "Only two more weeks, I can't believe it," was the last. I still ponder over why she couldn't have waited or why at all? I will never forget her. I met Andrea in Kindergarten. She had thin brown hair and wore big glasses. We instantly formed a great friendship that will last forever. We went through elementary school as great buddies. We were in Girl Scouts together and always played at each other's houses. When middle school rolled around, we slowly grew apart. We both found new friends and went our separate ways. Once high school began, Andrea changed friends and was on a better track. She was the football manager and was very dedicated to school. We had a few classes together and would talk once in a while. Senior Year, her locker was next to mine, so we got converse a lot more.

I was so jealous of her because she got to graduate early, in mid January. On Friday the seventh of January, Andrea was telling me how she was counting down the days till she was done. Only two more weeks.

Well, she never graduated. She never got to go to Senior Prom, walk across the stage at graduation and enjoy all that life would throw at her. My mom came into my bedroom Sunday morning and woke me up. She held me close and I could feel her trembling. She told me that the night before, Andrea had taken her own life. My mom and I just sat there and talked. She told me that Andrea had a little fight with her parents and then went into the bathroom and shot herself. Andrea had been on antidepressants and her boyfriend had recently broken up...