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· Shopping Areas: - Niagara Square 905-357-1900 Located in Niagara Falls and boasts a brand new Cineplex Odeon Theatre, this location has over 50 stores and services for your convenience. Canada One Factory Outlets 905-356-8989 Canada's First brand name factory outlet. Located in Niagara Falls with over 20 outlets all in Canadian prices. Seaway Mall 905-735-0697 Located in Welland, 15 minutes from Niagara Falls. The Seaway Mall has over 60 stores and services. Pen Centre 905-682-8645 Niagara Region's biggest shopping destination, located only 10 minutes west of Niagara Falls in the city of St. Catharines. The Pen Centre offers over 160 stores and services.

· Historical Attractions - Fort George 905-468-4257 Located 15 minutes south from Niagara Falls this War of 1812 fort has daily tours and reenactments of the events of this war between Canada and the United States. Fort Erie 905-871-0540 Located 10 minutes south from Niagara Falls, another location where the War of 1812 was fought.

Lundy's Lane Historical Museum 905-358-5082 Laura Secord Homestead 905-357-4020 Home of the Laura Secord, who crossed miles of war stricken country to warn the Canadian forces of an America attack. Mackenzie Heritage Printery 905-262-5676 McFarland House 905-468-3322

· Areas of Interest: - Minolta Tower Centre Located above the Canadian Horseshoe falls this 525 ft. tower boasts an observation level, award winning restaurant as well as attractions and shopping to make your visit complete. Marineland A family theme park, with rides and shows including a spectacular marine animal show featuring killer whales and California sea lions. Niagara Helicopters A unique way to see the Niagara Falls and other wonders such as the whirlpool and rapids. Niagara Imax Theatre Experience the Niagara Falls on a giant six story tall screen; this special screen gives you the feeling moving with the film.