Poem: Rain

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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The Rain won't fall,

But my tears do,

To the pain within my heart I call,

I gave everything I had for you,

Tears of blood drip slowly from my eyes,

My vision blurred red,

Every emotion within my soul, cries,

My heart cut deep by every word you said,

Why must I feel this pain,

Why through emotions must I bleed,

I sit awaiting the rain,

Cleansing rain wash down on me, give me what I need,

I remember the softness of her touch,

As I sit my blood tears stain my hand,

Why did I have to love her so much,

Now I see my life blow away like grains of sand,

When will my pain and sadness end?

When will my severed heart mend?

Tell me please.......Eternity like this, I can't forever spend

Hope it will come right soon,

Pray to the stars and the moon,

My life for you I maroon,

My only gift, a moment in your beauty's boon

I have no more thoughts,

I have no more pain,

Deamons, my heart to you they brought

Angels, forever protect thee as their bane.

My soul I'll sell,

Let it fall to the pits of Hell,

I'd like another glimpse of you,

My whole existence brought in continous pain, for you

I sometimes wish this curse would pass,

But then I think of you, and again my pain I mask

Happiness is for me,

To be with thee,

So help me Heaven and help me Hell,

To be with her forever, my soul I'll have to sell.