Poetry Analysis: "Disabled" By Wilfred Owen and "I Was Only Nineteen" By Redgum

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Poetry Analysis: "Disabled"� by Wilfred Owen & "I Was Only Nineteen"� by Redgum Great poets are able to draw intense and unforgettable images in your mind, using only words that are carefully chosen for the particular purpose. They are able to create the mood and build it up throughout the poem. You are led into the lives of others and you feel what they are feeling, and experience the same things as they are. The surroundings will have risen around you, and it will all leave once more when you have reached the end of the poem.

The poem "Disabled"� by Wilfred Owen has a certain mood that starts to build up from the beginning and finishes towards the end. In first stanza, he uses phrases such as "waiting for dark"� and "shivered in his ghastly suit of grey"�. From this, we can tell that this is not going to be a happy poem and cheerful poem.

It creates a sad and dreary mood before it delves further into the poem.

Many of the soldiers that came back after the war were never the same again. The character in "Disabled"� was left scarred for life in a wheelchair. The home he had come back to be no longer the same compared to the one he left behind before the war. The whole happy and gay environment and the people in it had all changed after the war ended. "Some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer Goal."� The crowd of people that came and welcomed him back did not come because they were victorious, but rather as a thank you gesture, for risking his life in vain. But in his mind he hasn't came to the fact that everything has changed, hoping everything will return back...