Poetry Anaylis Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "how Do I Love Thee"

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"How Do I Love Thee" Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poem Analysis "How do I Love Thee", written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is a very enjoyable poem that expresses one's feelings for another person. I like this poem because is shows the true feelings of and individual. It expresses that the author loves this person more than life itself, which is very hard to come by. These true feelings are expressed in many different ways by comparing them to everyday actions. This shows that the author thinks about that person as they do these everyday activities. These true feelings are the unconditional love of one person for another, the greatest of all feelings expressed by human kind.

The speaker, the author, of this poem is a person with a feeling of love towards this other person. This love by no means is puppy love, they cherish everything about this person, almost to the fine line of obsession.

This other person who is so greatly loved is a person that must by so wonderful that the author can not see a life without them. I believe that this poem's setting could be anywhere in the world during any period of time. Love is one of the few things that hasn't changed throughout the vast history of mankind.

To support my opinion there are many incidences where the author's love is stated, virtually the whole poem.

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height, My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight." (1&2), by saying this they are saying that they love this person with all of their being, their soul. When their soul is looking everywhere for its mortal meaning on this earth it is scanning the whole universe, also the mystery of life. "I love...