The Polotics Of Drug Use

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Everyone always thinks that being a circus owner is easy and I sit back and relax. Well I don't. There are always problems that arise out of nowhere. Anyways every morning at five thirty a.m. I get up to start getting everyone out of bed and start setting up the tents. I usually get awaken by the buzz of my alarm clock, but this morning I was awakened up by a piercing scream.

Just then like a flash of lightning, Nick Hathaway, the lion tamer burst open my trailer door and started talking gibberish. When I finally stumbled out of bed I could make out what he was saying. He was trying to tell me that someone had cut off Melina, the bearded lady's, beard, so I ran to her trailer. When I opened the door and saw her panicking, I noticed a trail of hair leading to Johnny, the fire-eater's, trailer.

I threw open his door and saw him with a familiar looking taupe.

Apparently when he was practicing his routine with the fire last night he burnt off his hair. He was too embarrassed to go out in public. So he sneaked out to her trailer and "snip, snip". I fired Johnny for doing such a horrible thing to one of my employees, and I also made him apologize to her. Melina got a perm with the hair she had left, I also gave her a star appearance in the circus instead of always being in the sideshow. I think it made her feel better. Pretty soon everything will be back to normal, but you never know what's going to happen in this circus.