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Poverty is living a life with the lack of essentials like food, waster, home, and clothing. Personality has a relation to poverty because, personality is the characteristics of how a person thinks, acts, and feels. If a person thinks they can only depend on welfare, feel like hard work is not worth the trouble, and acts lazy; then this can cause a person to not have a good income for food and a house for their family. Free association is a method of exploring the unconscious in which the person relaxes and says whatever comes to their mind. This type of method can help a person from living in poverty before it happens because when a person falls into poverty there is a reason why it can be psychological or society wise. Let's say that there is a patient suffering from depression causing that person not to perform well at their job and causes them to get fired.

If a psychiatrist helps bring out those feelings that causes him to go into depression the patient can hopefully be healed. Psychoanalysis is a theory that personalities that attributes out thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts. It can expose and interpret unconscious tension. Some people that live in poverty may have a psychological disorder. Psychoanlysis can be a way to help the mentally ill people that live in poverty to be cured. A psychiatrist can diagnose what of mental disease this patient is suffering from, and then we would know what caused this patient to live in poverty. We can find a way to cure this patient by therapy and once he is cured we can put him in a program that helps the needed people. The personality structure relates to the society problem poverty. The personality structure contains the...