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Mr. Miles T. Andersen, President

Golden Flake Cereals

1422 Henley Avenue

Madison, WI 53834

Mrs. John T. Banning

2773 Underhill Lane

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

10 December 2004

Dear Mrs. Banning:

Hello, how are you?

1. Since I read your letter about complain the cereal of our company, I feel very sorry. Our product is the kind of food which is supposed to be healthy, delicious, and also should bring you a wonderful morning with cereal, but not the cockroach. I am really apologized for that.

2. For the sake of our apology, we would like to give you the money back, extra ten boxes of well chosen cereal and five boxes of our new products with any flavor you like. Our staff will deliver them to your home. We always believe that: Customers are our God.

3. Again, I'm apologized for the inconveniences we've bring to you. From this accident, our company will improve the way of producing cereal and pay more attention on the cleanness during the process of the production, try to stop the similar accident happen again in the future.

4. Thank you very much for sending me the letter and letting us know the problem we have. And you are always welcome to contact us if you or your family have any question else.

Sincerely yours:

Miles Andersen, President of Golden Flake Cereals