Preventing Discrimination in the Work Environment

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Preventing Discrimination in the Work Environment

Every employer must take steps assuring a non-discriminatory work environment for everyone. To initiate, implement, and maintain a discrimination-free workplace is a daunting task but well worth the price of operating a successful business. Distributing information about employment discrimination to employees is a vital part of preventing problems with discrimination. Having accurate checks and balances in the implementation and maintenance for a non-discriminatory workplace is also an important element.

Initial Steps

The organization should comply with Title VII and EEOC standards, along with their local employment laws. All of these should be posted in the break rooms, HR office, and supervisor's office for everyone to see and use as a reference. Next applying the local laws, Title VII, and EEOC into the organizations policy will help with the policy writing. There may be some fine tuning of these policies in order to fit into the particular organization and abide by the law.

In addition sexual harassment, harassment of any kind, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and should be part of the policy. A policy about general conduct and company expectations will be important in explaining what is expected of each employee. In addition to this the organization will create a handbook that outlines company policies. This handbook will outline major areas such as Title VII, EEOC standards, state and local laws, and the organizations additional policies and procedures. The employee will be responsible to read and understand this handbook. This will notifying the employee what is expected of them and the policies that are in place for the organization.

Distribution of Information

One of the major tools that assist with building a non-discriminatory work environment is to promote communication. Communication is the main artery to educating employees on...