Pride comes before a fall

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After the mid-year examination results were announced, Judy was both surprised and pleased to find that she was among the top three pupils in her class. She glowed with pride as both teachers and friends congratulated her on her achievement.

After the half-term holidays, we returned to school to find a different Judy. The once humble and helpful Judy that we all knew had become arrogant and vain. Instead of mingling with everyone in the class as she had always done, she only spoke to the brains of the clas and gave short responses to anyone else. As days passed, most of us in class who used to be her friends left her to her new choice of friends.

Every pupil in the class belonged to a study groups comprising both bright and weak pupils. IN the past, Judy would be extremely helpful to the weaker pupils and in turn, she often asked for assistance from the brighter ones.

After the holidays, Judy felt she was too good to require assistance from the brighter pupils in the group. She was impatiend with the slower pupils and was often ryde and hurtful to them, frequently calling them 'stupid' and 'dumb'. Gradually, her groups members did not want to have anything more to do with her and left her to do her own studying.

Soon the term tests came and went. Judy was little disappointed and shocked to find herslef in the twelfth position. The rest of us discuseed the class positions and attributed Judy's downfall to her arrogance. We felt that her average performance in the term tests was a result of her departure from the study group. We ere certain of our analysis and as one of her good friends in the past, I thought i would like to...