Short Story: "The Maze" assessment details: write a narrative which makes use of a sympathetic character and narrative point of view to position readers (1000 - 1500 words).

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I struggled to open my eyes, slowly stretching out my miniscule body, whilst listening to the gentle harmony of the others around me. The sky was a rich blue containing light clouds like pillows, and the sweet rhythm of singing birds was an ecstatic compliment to the well-nourished green foliage. It was all very peaceful that day - the day I entered the maze.

Fifteen years later and I was long accustomed to the tall green hedges, the uneven grey cobblestone paths, and the choices I had to make every time I came across a T-junction. I was elated, and excited to a certain extent, with the path I was taking.

When the maze started to become dark, and the ground unsteady, a wise owl would always be there. He would offer his kind words, and help me to choose between different paths, which always seemed to dilute the horrid uncertainty the maze presented.

I overheard a few years ago an owl warning my mother about my maturity. "Oh she's a dreamer that one! Life is never easy for those who dream!" I wasn't particularly sure what that meant, although I took pride in knowing which path I wanted to take, and where I wanted to end up in the maze, when many others were so unsure. I was indeed a dreamer, and I had it all worked out.

It wasn't until I was seventeen when the maze started to change, as if I had no control over anything that was happening. It was becoming more serious, there were more paths to choose, and different obstacles to face. I was only at the beginning of comprehending just how complex it was.

That was about the time she crossed my path. The beautiful, alluring, lioness. I had seen nothing...