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Essay by shab December 2005

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I was asked to produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product. I have decided to do a new product. In the production of this product, I have been asked to investigate the following;

- How the strategy is based on the principles of marketing

- Use sources of primary and secondary marketing information

- Analyse the impact of the external environment on your marketing decisions

- Analyse the marketing context and decide on an appropriate strategy

- Develop a coherent mix of strategies to meet consumer needs

I have decided to do a new product, my product is going to be a halal sandwich it is an adaptation from the normal sandwiches already available on the market. As the Muslim population in the UK is growing I felt halal sandwiches would be a good idea as this option is currently not available to children at schools who wish to eat meat sandwiches that are halal.

The producer of my product is going to be Sainsbury's, as Sainsbury's is a well known company that has a good reputation for high quality products and also this will mean I have more money to put towards my product.


As part of my Primary data I designed a questionnaire which consisted of 12 questions (see figure 0 on separate sheet) the questions were designed to give me an insight on how consumers would like the product to be made if it was introduced.

From my research I was able to find the following;

As the product was to be designed for the Muslim population, a large Muslim segment of the population had to be selected. (As shown in figure 3)

Figure 4 shows us that 50% of the consumers have school dinners, which shows us that there is a...