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Princess Mononoke In the movie, Princess Mononoke there is many events that lead to the Animal God turning into demon. Some of which are the iron ore, gunpowder, bullets, the rifle, the bomb, the smoke that they use to kill the animal sense of smell, the axe they use to chop down tree which made the god angry, the thing that they use to keep the fire going so they can melt the iron ore and what ever that they use that is not natural.

After I finish viewing the movie, I feel that technology is very bad for the nature because we might not notice it but we are the only species on Earth with the power to destroy millions and millions acres of land. Like so stated in the movie because the people of iron town wanted the iron under the mountains they clear away the forest which take many years to grow just so that they can get iron.

The movie is expressing that technology is bad because of it effect on the environment around them. It shows how the guns and bombs kill animals by the thousand and how they destroy forest and everything.

At the end of the movies, I feel very bad for the forest gods. They were here long before the human was and all they do is protect the forest. While the human lost many things including their home in the end, they can always rebuild but not the gods. They were killed just so that the people can get irons.

I believe that the reason why Ashitaka decided to stay in Iron Town instead of living with Princess Mononoke is that since Princess Mononoke has lived with wolf all her live she will be able to survived after the Forest gods died. The people of Iron town is different because they are not used to living in the wild so he decided to help them also with his help he might be about to change the way people look at the world and help them live in peace with their environment.

If I were a character in the movie, I would be on the Forest Gods side because the way that human act some time is such a disgrace. Just because the empire is after to die, he would kill another animal, god, or human just so that he could stay alive. This in my opinion is very selfish, The animals themselves might eat each other or fight among themselves but it is live they accept death as a part of live.

The technology in the movie first of all is in wrong time periods so that the setting doesn't makes all that much sense but technology always have good and bad side not only bad and the way that the movie depicts it is not all that right.

I think the movie is a very good movie and every time I watch it something new appear the first time I watch it I didn't pick up on the concept that technology is being apply to as being bad but now I watch it with a kind of knowledge of the theme I pick up on many different thing. I like this movie and the little white forest spirits am the cutest thing.