Professional Ethics and Values

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November 21, 2009University of PhoenixAbstractThe following material describes professional ethics and values. The first part of the material defines what ethics and values exactly are and in what way to they relate. The second part identifies three sources of professional ethics and values. The third part explains how ethics and values influence career success and for better understanding two specific examples are provided.

Professional ethics and valuesThe Professional ethics and values paper explains the relationship among professional ethics, values, and career success. Values and ethics have a very significant impact on our lives. Each person is individual, therefore everybody has different values. We also have to make decisions in our live in which we have to consider what is right and what is wrong. That part refers to ethics. Basically values and ethics are essential in a society and play a vital role in our lives. But what do values and ethics exactly mean? The following material defines each of them.

Definition of Ethics and ValuesWe all know the golden rule, which is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Ethics help people think about what is right and wrong. Everybody starts learning ethics at a very young age for example, at home, in kindergarten, later in school or/and church and so on. The definition of ethics, which is a Latin-originated noun defined according to the American Heritage Dictionary (2000) as "The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person" (Definition, para. 3). It's a method or perspective that helps to make decisions. Ethic stands in unity with laws and morals.

Value has many meanings and uses. For instance, value can be used as a noun or a transitive verb. It can be used to state an amount or the worth of something. Ethic, though,