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Essay by bogdan79 January 2004

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Bogdan c.

- Winter 2004 -

As a "project manager in the making" I have learned through the course and through my team project many interesting and useful things.

In the first place I have learned that in the manager's job exists differences between the folklore and the actual facts. The folklore that the manager is a reflective , systematic planner is counteracted by many studies that indicated another things. The managers had an very intense activity and they are very active persons and don't like reflective activities . A Stewart diary study of 160 British middle and top managers indicated that they had a discontinued job: they worked for a half hour or more without interruption about once every two days. The studies didn't showed a model that could tell us how a manager schedule his time , but emphasize that they answer to the problems of the moment.

Also another folklore is that the effective manager has no regular duties to do. The studies showed that the mangers had to handle with many duties (ceremonies ,negotiations, rituals, processing soft information ) that help the firm to be connected to its environment.

Another folklore is that senior manager wants total information , which a formal management information system best brings. The facts revealed that from the five media available, the managers use the verbal media : telephone and meetings. I learned the fact that managers value the so called "soft" information (hearsay, speculation and gossip ) because of its timeliness. Every speculation could be in a smaller or higher true and tomorrow could be a fact.

Those information are stored in the mind of the manager so this data couldn't be find written on paper and only the manger can use it or share it in the...