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31. Introduction of South American Adventures Unlimited (S.A.A.U) �

42. To what extent does project management apply to Adventure Unlimited �

53. Training project management should apply to improve operation performance of Adventure Unlimited administrative staffs and tour guides. �

53.1 - Project planning training �

63.2 - Management financial training �

63.3 - Communication and conflict resolution training �

63.4 - Leadership training �

63.5 - Project risks management �

74. Conclusion �

8Bibliography �



Introduction of South American Adventures Unlimited (S.A.A.U)

South American Adventure Unlimited established 4 years ago by Michael and Jill Rodriguez. S.A.A.U specialized in tour business with focusing on organize and lead "high-end" adventure trips in South America. The use of Rodriguezes's strategy was recruited experienced, reliable people who loved to share their passion for South America and the outdoors. S.A.A.U helped those people organize specific trips and advertised over the internet and travel magazines.

Base on suggestions of customers S.A.A.U used it for organizing the future trips and after few years developed, Adventures Unlimited expanding from 4 trips a year to 16 different excursions scheduled, included journey to Central America. Also there was increasing in employees, now they had an administrative support staff of 3 people and a relative stable group of 5 trip planner/guides whom hired on a trip-by-trip basis.

However, there were some problems occur that made S.A.A.U had to worried at. Once of those cases was refunded 30 percent of the tour fee because of a group stranded 5 days in Blanco Puente after missing a train connection, and one more about unanticipated costs, few tours went over budget, which affected the year's profit. Moreover, the customer's satisfaction starting to fall, they complained about the quality of the accommodations and tour's price. In addition, unfortunately a...