Quality Management Organizations

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Quality Management Organizations 1

Quality Management Organizations

William Meyer

There are many different quality management organizations spread throughout the United States. These organizations operate on different levels, both nationally and locally. Regardless of the level in which these organizations operate, there mission is to ensure that U.S organizations strive to meet the highest levels of quality and award those that achieve excellence in quality.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology operates on a national level and is an agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NIST operates in several different fields and acts as a quality barometer especially in the area of weights and measurements (nist, 2014). NIST assists U.S organizations achieve excellence in quality by offering participation in the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program, calibration services, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, and the NIST Quality System (nist, 2014). Each one of these programs is designed to aid U.S

Organizations in achieving the highest levels of quality for the organization, and the products and services the organization offers.

Partners in Performance Excellence is an organization that exists to aid companies throughout the New York, Massachusetts area become competitive, sustainable and more effective (Partners in Performance Excellence, 2012). PiPEX uses the Baldrige Principles for Performance Excellence as a guideline and uses it to train local professionals as examiners that will provide organizations with critical assessments and feedback. PiPEX provides these services over a variety of different sectors that include health care, service, education, manufacturing, government and non-profit organizations (Partners in Performance Excellence, 2012). PiPEX does this with one goal in mind, to enhance the growth of jobs and economic prosperity in our region (Partners in Performance Excellence, 2012).

The effect that these particular organizations can have on the quality performance of an organization can be substantial. Both the NIST...