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1.0INTRODUCTIONThe quality actions taken include continuous process improvement, planning, training, statistical process control, empowerment, and teamwork (Camp, 1989; Crosby, 1984; Deming, 1986; Juran, 1989; Taguchi & Clausing, 1990). It has nine different dimensions where it is somewhat independent, thus, a product may be excellent in one dimension and average or poor in another dimension. There is very less products can do extremely well in all nine dimensions (APPENDIX 1: The Dimensions of Quality) (Besterfield et. al, 2003, pp. 8). In Evans and Lindsay (2002, pp. 16), "Total Quality (TQ) is a people-focused management system that aims at continual increase in customer satisfaction of continually lower real cost. TQ is a total system approach (not separate area or program) and an integral part of high-level strategy; it works horizontally across functions and departments, involves all employees, top to bottom, and extends backward and forward to include the supply chain and the customer chain.

TQ stresses learning and adaptation to continual change as key to organizational success. The foundation of total quality is philosophical: the scientific method. TQ includes systems, methods, and tools. The systems permit change the philosophy stays the same. TQ is anchored in values that stress the dignity of the individual and the power of community action".

In all business, the method of Total Quality Management (TQM) with the notion of sustainable development has been related to socioeconomic policy. According to Rajiv Kumar, IMT Ghaziabad, "TQM is a management philosophy that supports the process of continuous improvement within an organization and where total emphasis is placed on the customer. In the socioeconomic viewpoint, TQM defines the customer as all members of society and facets of environment that interact with the activities of the company".

By electronic means, E-Business or E-Commerce is the execution of business transaction (Lowson & Burgess,