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The most important job facing top management is to create an organization that is both useful and reliable. The reliable organization is one where work is performed correctly each time and relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers are successful. The useful organization provides a product or service that customers are happy and willing to pay to receive.

The Quality Professional role is to define and then lead the process that helps management create the "reliable" part of this equation. The task needs to be the center of their work life. Results are easy to measure and the worth of the effort is quite visible. This paper shows how to create the culture that produces the reliable organization. It is concentrated in four areas: Policy; Education; Requirements; and Insistence.

We are not talking here about Quality Assurance and another gathering of procedures. This is about creating a culture and nurturing it.

That requires an understanding of management and hard work.


Culture; Professional's role; Reliable Organization

In this multi-trillion dollar world economy organizations have the opportunity to do business in hundreds of nations. Six billion people live somewhere besides our city. Even a small company will have suppliers and customers from other countries. Each customer has many choices of whom to use to supply his or her needs. They make these decisions based on the reputation of the potential suppliers as well as any experience they or their friends may have had with that company. They are searching for an organization that has proven itself to be useful and reliable.

When I travel internationally I usually use one of two hotel chains. This is because they have never disappointed me. They always have my reservation, they give me the kind of room I requested, their employees are courteous and...