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African American Racism: Breaking the Historical Cycle When many people think of America, they imagine a land of opportunity, freedom, and equal rights. Many are also under the impression that America is a country where "all men are created and treated equally."� But unfortunately, there have been misconceptions of these mind-captivating ideas. A pretty picture has been painted in order to deceive many into thinking that America is an unbiased, fair country. But in actuality, one can detect that America (like other countries) has been diagnosed with its own disease called racism.

America is a nation of variance; as such it is a diverse society where racism has no place. Does racism still exist? Racism has been a bitter thorn in our society since Biblical times, and remains one of the most prevalent diseases in this day and time. In a land known as "the melting pot,"� due to the fact that it tries to mold the mixture of races, and cultures into one, people are still judged and misjudged based on their race.

Instead of living in a country that embraces cultural differences and accepts the ethnic diversity, we live in country that ostracizes and stigmatizes those whose skin, hair and feature are unlike our own. This disease called racism is highly contagious and self-perpetuating in that those who are victimized by it generally become carriers and unknowingly spread it throughout our society. From the past, to present, unto the future, racism will Mkwanazi 2 continue to disseminate. The questions that remain at hand are; how will it be cured and who will be able to cure this infectious disease? Prior to the civil rights movement, racism was easy to identify. Unfortunately, this disease was legally permitted and accepted throughout a society that was suppose to be the...