Racism And The Mass Media

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"Identify an ideology dominant in Australian culture. Using specific print and broadcast media examples, articulate its message, assumptions and values as fully as possible to show how this ideology is reinforced.

Why (and to whom) might dominance of these values be a problem? Media, whether it be print or broadcast is eminently influential. This is largely because of the abundant nature of media in a developed society. Societies such as Australia particularly depend on media and more commonly television broadcasting as their primary reference to knowledge of current affairs in local communities, the state, country and on a global scale (Coupe, B et. al, 1992). Consequently, this dependence on media as a source of information can and has lead to the guidance of idealistic views (whether they be detrimental or meritorious) within a societal group. It is therefore perceivable why ideologies such as racism have been adopted by societies globally.

This essay will enquire into the ways in which, and the consequences of media influence on the ideologies of the world at large.

Racism in itself is difficult to define alone. Rather, there are two different definitions that should be incorporated into one. That is, racial prejudice (the views, perspectives and demeanor directed at those of disparate races) and racial discrimination (the refusal of equal treatment and rights to a specific racial group) should be combined to constitute the meaning of racism. Therefore, racism alone can be defined as a complete system of social organisation that operates upon the thriving philosophy of racial superiority (Dowdney and Michels, 1987).

Although racism may seem barbaric in nature and somewhat insignificant due to the small minority of those who practice it in a devoted manner, it is certainly a matter that is of large multitude. McGuinness (1999) makes certain that racism as...