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My Mistress Carries Me in her purse.and takes me out at work..Remember One time she changed my Batteries while changin' shirts.Now she Carries an extra battery, I still enjoy it i make her hurt abit.

When I Vibrate, She cant wait Till The next time she turns my switch. She even turns me on while running me down her Well Hardened Tits. I Am always On The look out, Under her pillow bed'n' used at night. We Share everything' I Was the first To Loosen up what was tight. Plus I Showed her what an orgasm Feels like, under her bed where i be. We Spent Our Little Time Together when she was 15 at slumber parties. I Was there when She first Stole me from mommy during her bed time. She was only 13 Lost In Thought Lovin' The feeling thinkin it was crime..Now sence That Day, She always Loves me while i return her wet favor's.

I Do My best To Help her even when she is not Alone, yep am A Vibrator We split necks, and grip checks in less then a split second next clique, to hit text with the best of the 6 weapons,that's us, so get blessed and impressed, by the mixed essence, displayed by Culture VI, whenever ya'll kids test us,we'll rip your necklace off, slice your wrists and leave you neck-less,Texas style.executing kids that disrespect us, with methods sicker than Leprosy, you wished you did catch us, but you missed, WE give lessons, i'll diss you with sick blessings, We're the kings in the game...., and this is cause and effect,we putting things in your brain when you lost your respect, there ain't no rinsing the stains, from your hospital bed,and if you inching for pain, i'll put a stop to your breath,When we pinch it and aim, you'll see the dot on your chest,SKRIBE is clinching his fame, the 6 is probably the best,GATES and SYN are unbeatable, we're hardly impressed,by ya'll midget rapping idiots, now start to confess!Culture VI IN THE LAB -- hold ya dicks and brag Soldiers, quick to stab -- fold ya cliques in halfCobras, switch to crabs facin' THIS FOR MY DICK TO GRAB C 6 FUCK 7, my brethren, only kicks the facts Rip the tracks -- combined with my Vici0uz raps Cliques is scraps -- crumbs to my lips, just snacks 'Kid's is "˜napped' missing, cuz their spit's is wack Shit's just crap -- it stinks, better quit this rap Game - ain't sayin' names no more - y'all don't deserve props Chickenshit niggas be cluckin'duck when they heard shots Bird watch, huntin' ya down gotta give ME props Words' hot? Yeah ya'll niggas is on the verge NOT! Heard cops was lookin' for ME for tapes But I was out on a hustle for more paper than Gates Rakin' in grapes me I'm just try'na stay in the States It's a "˜Syn' how they "˜Tax' me -- but I'm playin' it safe Prayin' they hate I feed off that negative vibe There's a reason why I stand by the 'Presidents' side Residents spy on the VI I hit 'em dead in the eye Set it aside? Fuck that I ain't lettin' it slide