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Rational/ Romanticist Essay A rationalist is a person who is rational, inventive, practical, sophisticated, highly educated, and ambitious. Rationalist aren't very religious and aren't as gullible like common people. Romanticists are imaginative, intuitive, innocent, youth full, love nature, daydream, and are creative people. These people appreciated nature and saw the bad side of the industrial revolution. I'm more of a "romanticist" than a rationalist is, however, I don't really care much for poetry and I don't care much for the country. I'm not much of a rationalist, I'm not too inventive. Romanticist spend their time living in fantast and dreams while rationalist are clear on things.

I'm not a big "romanticist", [ I also don't like putting labels on people] and I'm not a big "rationalist." I see no need to classify people as either. However, there is a need for both of these, with our "rationalist" there would be no medicine and we would still believe what the bible told us.

If it weren't for the "romanticist" there would be no arts or poetry well their not exactly necessary and we could live with out them. But we would be dull and there would be nothing to live for. I'm more of a "romanticist" even though I don't really care much for arts. In some ways I'm one but not too in to the whole thing. I don't like writing poetry, which I truly don't enjoy reading or writing. I do daydream but then again doesn't everyone. I'm a romanticist because I like to sit down and think of anything and I like to daydream a lot and it's very important to have a creative mind. I also care much for the environment it's important to have people care for it because if we don't it will get all dirty and it'll be UN health full to live in this world.

Romanticism is a literary and artistic movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that placed value on emotion or imagination over reason, on the imagination over society. The most important result of romanticism was the emphasis laid upon the supernatural. This world could not survive if it wasn't for both. We need people to worry about the environment, and the supernatural. Romanticist bring us poetry and creative works, that entertain us and make us human and appreciate life. Rationalist help us find cure for diseases and figure out mathematical and scientific stuff out.