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General Motors: Annual Report Analysis

Edwin Bivens




General Motors Financial Report

I have decided to do my Financial Report Analysis on General Motors also known as G.M. I have a lengthy history with General Motors, being that I was a part manufacture in the Flint, Michigan plant. Although I have a lot of experience and familiarity with GM I have never known anything about the Financial Report.

General Motors (GM) records their assets in their yearly statement which is provided to the general public in December of every year. The assets mentioned on their balance sheet are mentioned in sequence of liquidity to ensure that an investor can figure out just how much available money they've in the case they require the capital for growth, debts, etc., (Jerry J. Weygandt, 2011). It's important for administration to be conscious of business asset levels to ensure that important decisions may be made which establish what path the business takes (Jerry J.

Weygandt, 2011). The decision on whether or not to launch a brand new car line (inventory) or construct a brand new plant (fixed asset) would be affected by the volume of present assets available. It's important to notice that an asset is described as any asset which will change into money within the subsequent 12 months (Jerry J. Weygandt, 2011).

By December 2010, GM had a total of 138,898.00 million in total assets (Hoovers, Inc, 2014). A total of 45% of these assets are regarded as present assets and are extremely obtainable by the business at any instant to pay debt, invest, and grow (Hoovers, Inc, 2014). The remaining 55% of GM's assets are fixed and non-current assets which are less liquid and would require...