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RelationshipsRelationships form when two people care about each other and have a desire to get to know one another on a different level. Often times, people realize that they are not compatible with one another and their relationship fails. Just as many times, however, people learn to love one another and form a strong relationship. So why do some relationships fail and some succeed? Communication, trust and love are the three factors that, if executed properly, form a relationship that will last forever.

Talking and getting to know one another is the first factor that has to be achieved before a relationship can go anywhere. Opening up the lines of communication will allow two people to get to know each other and decide whether or not the relationship will last. If two people have several things in common then obviously, they are compatible with one another and will enjoy spending time with each other.

Communication is the basis of a relationship and if a couple can talk and express their feelings towards one another then they are well on their way to having a successful relationship.

Trust is the next factor that has to be developed. Trusting another person is a very hard task for some people to accomplish, especially if that person has been hurt by other people on previous occasions. Trust is gained by proving that one is capable of keeping secrets, being on time for dates and just by being there when the other person needs them. Only with time will two people learn to trust each other and once that trust is reached, the relationship will blossom into something magnificent.

After communication and trust, love is the next factor. At this stage people know each other very well and have some idea that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Love is something that cannot be explained and it is different for every couple because different people have different ways of expressing their love. Love is a feeling and when a person is in love they will know it. Love is the very last step to having a successful relationship and once love is achieved and felt by both parties in the relationship then the relationship is ready to mature into something serious like marriage.

Communication, trust and love are the three basic goals that have to be reached to have a successful relationship. Talking and learning about the other person is the first step and through talking, the people will learn to trust one another and then the second step will be achieved. Love is the deciding factor on whether the relationship will bloom into something serious. If two people love each other they will want to spend the rest of their lives with each other and that is when marriage comes into play. A successful relationship contains two people who enjoy talking to each other, who trust each other and most importantly, love one another. Only after these three things have been accomplished, will you know that you are in a successful relationship.