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Judges Chapter 9


Double-crossed his brothers

Gideon's son out of wedlock

Killed his 69 half brothers (Gideon's sons)

Governed Israel three years

God sent an evil spirit to him (because of the murders)

Received reports of Citizens of Shechem ambushing people passing by city

Gaal undermined him

Won battle against Gaal and citizens of Shechem

Killed all and destroyed the city

Burned the stronghold (fortress and temple) with men, women and children in it

Captured city of Thebez

Woman dropped a stone on his head and almost killed him

Armor-bearer killed him so it could not be said a woman killed him


Doubled crossed Ambimelech

Dealt treacherously toward Ambimelech

Ambushed and rob everyone who passed their city

Cursed Ambimelech

All killed in battle or burned to death


Double crossed Ambimelech

Moved with his brothers to Shechem.

People of Shechem gained confidence in him

Asked the people to serve Hamor, Shechem's father

Asked the people to be under his command

Went to battle with Ambimelech

Driven out of the city along with his brothers by Zebul


Told Ambimelech of Gaal's double cross

Suggested Ambimelech go to battle with Gaal by night

Zebal drove Gaal and his brothers out of the city

In Chapter 9:7-15, Jotham prophesized that Abimelech and the city of Shechem would be destroyed.

The end of Chapter 9 had fulfilled the prophecy.

Judges Chapter 10

Tola - 6th Judge- From the tribe of Issachar

Son of Puah, Son of Soso

Lived in the hill country of Ephraim

Lived in Shamir

Lead Israel 23 years

Died and was buried in Shamir

Jair - 7th Judge - From the town of Gilead

Had 30 sons (All rode donkeys)

Controlled 30 towns in Gilead (called Harvoth Jair)

Lead Israel 22 years

Died and was buried in Kamon

Israel sinned again!!. They served:

The Baals The gods of SidonThe gods of AramThe gods of the Ammonites

AshtorethsThe gods of MoabThe gods of the Philistines

The Lord sold them to the Philistines and Ammonites

Israel was oppressed for 18 years

Some lived on the east side of the Jordan in Gilead

Land belonged to the Amorites

Ammonites crossed Jordan to fight with Judah, Benjamin and Ephraim

Israelites cried to the Lord

God had saved the Israelites from:



God refused to save them

God told them to let the pagan gods save them

Israelites begged God again to save them

Israelites got rid of their foreign gods

At last, God decided to save them again

A war started between the Ammonites and the Israelites

The leaders of Israel asked for a leader.

The leaders promised that the leader would be the head of all living in Galead