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Manzano 5

Jasmine Manzano

Mrs. Kim

English 11

April 25, 2013

No Matter the Costs

How far will people get in life if there wasn't that help that people give to others? What would the American Dream be then? Would it become a nightmare instead? The American Dream is an idea that implies that anyone can be successful by working hard and having the potential to conduct a successful life. People are given many opportunities in many different ways and it is up to them to do something about them. If people choose to take those opportunities, then they should be aware that it isn't going to be a piece of cake; they are going to have to work hard in order to achieve their success. Although the American Dream may seem as a fallacy to some people, it is an achievable dream that many people can attain in their own way and be able to overcome all of the obstacles that the people go through to make the dream impossible for them.

To begin with, when people find something that they want to pursue in life, they will fight through all the obstacles that are put in their way just so that it can make them work harder to achieve the one thing that they want. In this case with the people that acquire the opportunities given to them is because they need a challenge once and a while so that they can grow strong in that field. In The Early Life of Lebron James, it explains how "LeBron's mother, Gloria was a single working class mother who was trying to make ends meet by working different low-paying jobs after another to provide food, clothing, and shelter for her and her young son". This shows how even...