Resene Paints - Opportunities and Threats

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Resene Paints

Opportunities & Threats

Resene Paint has many attributes that set them apart from other the companies in their industry. Resene has many competitive advantages and disadvantages within their company that have stemmed from years of innovation and growth and attributed to the company they are today.


The Resene name is known as a family owned, quality and value based company. They have many retail and manufacturing locations throughout the world and in many places have become a household brand.

Resene prides itself in the quality of their product. They place a high value on maintaining their relationships with quality suppliers like DuPont. They work hard at being innovative to remain competitive within their market.

Because the suppliers know that quality and maintaining a competitive advantage by remaining innovative is important to Resene, they have enabled Resene to be the first company to get new technologies.

Resene has recently started exporting, licensing its own technologies, and manufacturing, distributing in overseas markets, and have begun to establish themselves internationally.


One of the major threats seen by those at Resene is their size. In their market, they are seen as very small and worry about their financial position in comparison to their larger competitors. The larger companies have the ability and capital to devote to innovation and sales while the resources at Resene are very limited.

Another threat is their inability to initiate a product launch. The people at Resene let word of mouth be their advertising campaign and allow the product and it's quality to speak for itself.

Resene faces many threats where their cost structure is concerned. Because they are such a small company that prides themselves in quality, they have a major cost disadvantage compared to their competitors.