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We are doing our interns from last 4 months. We are working in all the departments standing as a CCA, RBI, Cashiering, CSD, FCD, and Back end Cash, team handling everything. So, this report includes our small to big learning with a big retailer. Everyday we are learning something new. May be we are not able to write everything but still we have categories our knowledge in 5 parts.

•Product•Process•People•Communication•ValueApart from these points this report includes our learning in the training room, on the floor, our achievements & some real incidents on the floor.

Till now we have learnt so many things from our team-members about all the brands, some technical knowledge & selling skills. So, now we are applying our theoretical knowledge, experience & selling skills for the new store. We started working from set-up of the store & now we are working from last 4 months.

We got training about all the brands & merchandise which is available in our store.

We know before starting you have to learn your job than your product than proper product knowledge will help you to get maximum conversion.

"Convince your customer in the way like he is standing at Eden gardens not at ordinary cricket ground."Apart from that this report includes responsibilities of a Team leader which was discussed by my seniors. This report also includes achievements of mine & my team on the floor. Some real incidents is also given depend upon the situation.

Product1.Retailing in airports is soaring as more merchants see the potential of putting their merchandise within reach of a growing legion of air travelers with time on their hands.

2. Air travelers spent more than $750 million on apparel; shoes and other merchandise in shops at 50 large U.S. airports in, (Airport Revenue...