Returning To School Anxiety

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Trying to advance ones career can be met with many obstacles if you do not have a college degree in the field you have chosen.

        As they watch the careers of others get ever more successful, some decide to go back and complete their schooling, despite being from it away for many years.

        Upon arriving back in school, after being out of that setting for so long, it is not uncommon for some to develop feelings of fear or anxiety. These fears, or anxious feelings, usually stem from a fear of failure, not so much the fear of failing in school, but how this preconceived notion of failure would affect their career.

        These feelings are usually reinforced when engaging in potentially confusing or unfamiliar course material combined with a heavy homework load. Compounding the issue with the burden of a full time job may make these feelings all too real.

Once they have found the inner strength to continue, they inevitably find their fears or anxiety unreasonable or unfounded. With a little hard work and perseverance, however, the material becomes more familiar, grades get better and the insecurities diminish. That's not to say that through the course of a semester one will not reencounter these feelings, but each time it seems to gets easier to overcome, or more controllable.

Before they know it they can see the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of graduating and the prospect of furthering their career, which in retrospect makes all those fears seem so irrational.