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Ghandi is a very compelling film that shows how powerful one man can be in helping to change a lost country, India. The film also shows how Ghandi shamed the British by his nonviolent policy. The British had quite a part to play and this comes through in the theme of the movie.

Ghandi basically started out as a lawyer but when he reached the pinnacle of his success as a lawyer, he longed to help people in deeper ways. He started tending to the sick and dying whenever he could. Soon he found that the more he simplified his life, worked less and freed up more of his time, the more time he had to devote to community services. Ghandi then became a speaker for women's rights and started the non-violent movement.

Ghandi impressed me greatly with his non-violent policy, but I think that at times he took it a bit far and allowed his critics to take advantage of the situation.

The way Ghandi allowed the British to commit all those brutal and horrendous acts to his followers and to basically show them that they were not going to give in to what they wanted most, which was to retaliate and be violent so they could lock them up and teach him a lesson but it never worked. I commend Ghandi for that. The one act that I totally disliked was when the Indian men marched up to the British troops to be beaten with clubs. As you can see on the faces of the soldiers, they were truly revolted with what they were doing and they are forced to encounter the Indian men and see them as courageous human beings and perhaps see them for the first time as people rather than things. But...