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As the music begins I am reminded of a melody that sounds much like a Christian church song. The voice, gentle and comforting, a neutral effect that displays no bias. I hear the guitar, tambourine, and piano playing without an emphasis on either instrument. The guitar plays as the tambourine stays on beat while the piano playfully goes in and out. The lyrics are very poetic as I am forced to reach for a deeper meaning from the verses. I seem to obtain a spiritual metaphor that is much like a conversation to whom is listening. In my analyzation I would like to express the chorus in my own interpretation first. I received the chorus as a definite statement referring to sound. Sound is merely a frequency. Frequency is a phenomena that exists in all matters of life and is directly a component of energy. The "ripple" then suggest that it is a type of energy, a life force.

The chorus is in reference to the omnipresence of these life forces and how they are a way of life.

The chorus comes up twice in the song and I feel that each time the meaning is the same but in different context, which I will explain by interpretation from the first line. The beginning of the song seems to question the audience as if they were disciples. The first and second lines, questions the existence of superficiality. If the voice of the singer was horrible would you still listen and understand? Would you own it, identify with it, would you be ashamed to??? To be able to accept the message and the deeper meaning you have to be humble. Only one that is humble will fully comprehend the life force or spirituality, as I will now refer to it as. This addresses the disciple as one who "stands" alone and does not follow a crowd, a true spirit.

What this song stands for is the appreciation of spirituality. "A hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken", is in reference to our diminishing necessity for our spirituality. In society today we have a handful of religions that are accepted and "civil". All others are thought of as just unimportant, savage even. If the singer were singing about a type of spirituality that is not in agreement with society, would anybody listen? Would it be hopeless? The singer questions himself but his own spirituality says it doesn't matter if anyone will listen, just "fill the air". The first chorus is now a description of how powerful his spirituality or spirituality in general is.

At this point in the song there is a transition from the questioning of ones spirituality, to the diminishing necessity for spirituality, the power of spirituality (the chorus), and now we lead into a message. Here the visual use of the word "hand" plays a role in what you do with that hand, such as reaching out, healing, creating, and just giving a hand. The compliment to the hand is the cup in which a fountain is described. The meaning of the fountain is of a spiritual context. The fountain is a source, a source that is the embodiment of ones spirituality. So if you are in need, just reach out, but if you thinking about what you are reaching out to, you are reaching out to our own spirit.

Next we have a message of tribulation. If you have doubts, if you feel like you can't go on, if you feel that you have no direction with no one to turn to, you have your spirit (the second chorus). The power of spirituality is again seen in the chorus, an answer to your tribulation and despair. After the second chorus we lead into the end riddle if you will. It is being stated that your journey is not one that will come out of a book that everyone can follow. It is an independent journey that we must stand up to. The second to last sentence is a question, followed by a little sarcasm. It is being asked, "who is your guide?" and if the singer knew, he "would take you home". Everything previous to these lines are definitions of you how to guide yourself. The last line merely is stating what was in the song, that no one can take you "home"; you have to do it on your own.

The "spirituality" plays the theme in this song. The whole song is about your "own" spirituality and that it exists but is diminishing in our time. Spirituality is a necessity of life and we should not be fooled by others nor follow others. Although, there is a "fountain" that we can all use our own source of energy. This song is very touching to listen to with all of these meaningless songs circulating in music today.