Rise of the great Blade part 4

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Suddenly the sword was jerked from Blade's head. Some other dragon tackled the dragon general. The black dragon general fell onto his back and the dragon stood over him. The new dragon took his sword and backed up. The black dragon general got up, and swung at the red dragon. The red dragon dodged the hit and stabbed at the black dragon. The black dragon skillfully danced around his blade and knocked the red dragon down. Rain dripped from the tip of his blade as he thrust downward, into the center of the red dragon's body. Blood gurgled into the red dragon's mouth as he held back his screams of agony.

All through this, Blade watched. When he saw the red dragon fall he caught a glimpse of a crest engraved onto the red dragon' chest. He knew from that point how to achieve one of his dreams.

Blade got up and faced the black dragon general.

His sword firmly gripped in his hand. The dragon general faced him and snickered, but he nonetheless also readied his sword. The two dragons charged. Blade was surprised by the black dragon's strength and the dragon general was also impressed by Blade's skills. They fought between each other until finally, with all the strength Blade had, he swung at the dragon generals sword. The sword snapped like a stick. The dragon general was dumbfounded as Blade thrust his blade into the dragon general. He was still trying to understand how he lost as he fell to the ground. Dead.

Blade went over to the red dragon general and without exchanging a word. The red dragon general tore the crest from his chest and gave it to Bade. Blade admired the craftsmanship of the crest. Made of fine gold and about the...