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Fisher Price is a one of the world's best companies for selling and manufacturing toys for children. As large an organization as Fisher Price, there will always be risks! Since there are risks, analyzing the organization will assist in what potential liabilities exist. A SWOTT analysis will illustrate strength and weaknesses of Fisher Price, what it does and the type of market they cater to. The SWOTT analysis will also describe Fisher Price's reputation in the market place, additional weaknesses and possible future opportunities to show they are an exceptional organization within their industry. Trends and threats are also within the SWOTT analysis and will explain what needs are within the industry. In addition to the SWOTT analysis, there is detailed information regarding political, legal, and regulatory risks, exchange and repatriation risks, market and distribution/supply chain risks. In the end the risk analysis will illustrate to the reader a clear view of Fisher Price's operation as it pertains to today's market.

SWOTT Analysis

Strengths of Fisher Price

Subsidiary of the Mattel Corporation (world leader in toy products)

One of the 10 most recognized brands in the world (98% consumer recognition)

Sales exceed one billion dollars annually

Reputation in the toy industry as an organization that thrives on educating the youth of the world (i.e. #1 in infant toys, pre-school toys and ride on toys)

Desire to be the best in the industry

Over 74 years of toy manufacturing experience

Gained the trust of consumers around the world

Marketing of products all around the world

Location - the organization is located just outside of Buffalo, NY in East Aurora, NY so recruiting for the organization is simple considering the New York population

Management's commitment to success trickles down to all employees of the organization

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