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Robert Cormier was born in January 17,1925 in the very small city of Leominster, Massachusetts located in the north-central part of the state.His father lived in the same place for all of his life, he died in 1959(Young Adult Authors).

Cormier's first job was a journalist. Cormier went to college for only one year at the Fitchburg State Teachers College. His first book was the Chocolate War. Robert had only one award for his works which was the Honorary Doctorate(Young Adult Authors).

The information that you are about to read is based on Robert Cormier(pronounced cor-MEER) and his life. It is from two different sources,if you don't agree with any of this information you can consult the two sources on your own time not mine.

He likes to weave his life into his books(Ex. 3 story apartment in which he lived, monuments, and parochial schools he went to.

Cormier has written 16 books total none of which are autobiographical. 10 of these books are: After the First Death, Beyond the Chocolate War, the Bumblebee Flies Anyway, the Chocolate War, Fade, I Am the Cheese, In the Middle of the Night, Tenderness, Tunes for Bears to Dance to, and We All Fall Down(Young Adult Authors). Here are 2 summarys: Heros Cormier quietly and remorselessly probes nature of heroism as it is reflected through the remains of a young life, shattered by a terible act Francis Joseph Cassavant 18 yrs. old. Just got back from WWII with no face, but he does have a gun and a mission: to murder his childhood hero(Random House). Tenderness In Tenderness Cormier has dared to confront ultimate depravity in the tale of an 18-year-old serial killer, the 15-year old runaway who becomes fixated on him, and an old cop that suspects more than he can prove. Their interlocking needs motivate a riveting story that moves inexorably to a devistatingly ironic conclusion(Random House).

Interveiw Q: Do you think the world is a malevolent place? A: The thing is that I'm an optimist. I hate to talk in terms of lessons or themes because the characters plot comes first. Still I was kind of surprised at the initial controversy about the Chocolate War, because to me it was the implict lesson... I thought I was portraying what happens when good people don't come to the rescue. Which didn't mean that was the way life is all the time just in that particular situation.

Q: Where does the darkness in your books come from? A: Mainly from my adolesence.

Q:What kind of world do you portray in your books? A: I'm a realistic writer. I like to put ordinary people very extrordinary situations(Random House).

Author Facts Motivation Cormiers motivation started when his father died, from then on he made more ernest books. From his fathers death wrote he the great Chocolate War which was published in 1960(Random House).

Hobbies Robert likes to make small wooden figures of family and friends confronting imensity. He loves to write novels about young teenage boys discovering evil in everyday activities and trying to figure out their potential(Young Adult Authors).

Dislikes Cormier very much dislikes: Happy endings, happiness, bright thoughts, old teachers, lessons and themes(Young Adult Authors).

Quotes "I can't remember a time, really, when I haven't been a writer... Reading and writing... were the great escapes of my life and I suppose they still are." "I can't remember a time when I wasn't trying to get something down on paper."(Random House) What you have just read is all correct infomation. If you do not believe this information you can consult to and encyclopedia.