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Staffing Plan Paper

Donna Ray


Gilbert Tillman

December 4, 2008

An organization need to have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of their existing internal labor force. Organization also must know what they want to in the future; what size they want the organization to be, and what products and services they want to produce. This will help the organization to determine the number and what kind of employees will be needed (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2007).

Staffing involves alluring and hiring qualified candidates, by developing, and compensating them through performances management and training programs. Staffing is the method of enlisting, choosing and training of personnel. It means putting the most qualified people on the right job. Staffing has official importance since employment labor laws considerably impact both employee and employer rights and responsibilities.

An organization staffing plan should be built on routine based criteria and uniform HR hiring tools that will allow the organization to reduce personal bias and introduce a healthy dose of impartiality into the process that would allow the organization to make better hiring decisions.

According to Shamis (2008) a effective staffing plan helps the organization to determines how many new employees will be needed for the coming year, the purpose the employees will be needed, how much it is going to cost the company to hire them; and what value they will bring to the customers and the organization (Adler, Ryan, Shamis, Sheppard, 2008).

According to Ryan (2008), a effective hiring system increases the probability of hiring the right person, creates uniformity in hiring decisions throughout the organization by using the same HR hiring tools, helps to support management development; helps to improve benchmarking all through the organization, and it helps to reduce the cost...