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Poems are considered the key to the author's inner heart and soul. When reading a poem, the reader can become very involved and almost pulled in to the story. Some of the overwhelming images portrayed, tones and moods set, are things that can affect the readers and also creates the emotions the writer wanted to depict. In Remember by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) the author wanted to expose the humans mind when faced with death. William Wordsworth (1770-1850) wrote, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, with the intent of rendering all happiness to the reader. With these two poems, we are able to understand poetry and what truly exists behind the writer's shells.

During Rossetti's writing career, death, diseases and war were major factors in the economy. Due to these circumstances, many writers leaned toward the era, called The Victorian Period, in their writings. When picturing the poem in reality, one can clearly see a man on his death bed, speaking softly, trying and calm to his lover and himself at that.

Rossetti seems to be speaking to the people through her poem. Due to the current conditions of the economy, it appears to be a way of preparing people for death. Many people are left behind to mourn for the lost and many men and women died by diseases and war. The first line "Remember me when I am gone away" is a Tetrameter, meter, written in a four feet structure. The Rhythm, Iambic was used to emphasize Remember. Remember, relates to the death of a lover speaking to his lady.

When Wordsworth wrote, I wandered Lonely as a cloud; the world was revolving around romance, love and the companionship it provided. In Wordsworth's work, he portrays himself as a lonely man wanting the company of humans. When he stated "For oft, when on my couch I lie, In vacant or in pensive mood", it reveals many of days and nights are spent home alone without the company or invitation to mingle with others. During the poem, Wordsworth expresses the thoughts about daydreams. Walking within fields of daffodils was the delight of his life. Using six line stigmas, Wordsworth was able to create an iambic tetrameter that related the feeling he felt important. What can one say, every human desires the company of others. We are social creatures that were created to congregate together. The normality of his daydreaming is absolutely normal reaction to boredom. In a world and time when loneliness is frowned upon, Wordsworth wrote about it, explaining that it's ok. Life moves on and companionship will come.

Both of these poems are great examples of a writer's expression. Expressions are the ability to relate current events, personal opinions and facts to the reader that are well written. Rossetti was known for relating current events, whereas Wordsworth was known for expressing love and companionship.

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