Romeo And Juliet

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English 9H Curtin Two pieces of writing can be alike in a lot of ways and also be divergent at the same time. "Invitation to Love," by Paul L. Dunbar and a soliloquy made by Juliet from Romeo and Juliet are similar, but different. They are both on the same subject of love but two different kinds of love.

In both writings the speaker and Juliet want their loves to come to them. Both of the pieces of literature make strong references to Mother Nature such as stars and birds. This quote made by Juliet, "Take him and cut him out in little stars," shows how she refers to Mother Nature. The speaker also refers to stars in his first sentence, "Come when the nights are bright with stars." The poem "Invitation to Love" is different from Juliet's quote because the poem is not written specifically to anyone. Also it wants his love to come, as she is any time of the year.

Juliet's soliloquy is different from the poem because she was talking about Romeo she also talks about the god Phoebus, god of the sun, and his son Phaeton. Phaeton wanted to drive his fathers sun chariot and on accident he crashed it and burned the world to a crisp.

Overall the poem and the quote are both based on love.

Although the poem is directed to a woman, and the quote is directed towards Romeo, both have the same thoughts. All in all the two pieces were interesting to read and both the quote and the poem expressed thoughts creatively.