Romeo and Juliet Discuss to what extent act one scene five of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, is crucial to the play.

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William Shakespeare was probably the most famous playwright in England at the time of Elizabeth the 1st's reign. Even now in the 21st century he is still recognised as an extremely talented playwright the world over. No one is entirely sure in which order he wrote his plays, but it is believed that his first play was a comedy called 'Comedy of Errors' written in approximately 1592. The genres of his plays vary, supposedly showing his moods. In approximately 1594 he wrote four times the amount of comedies than tragedies as he got older his son Hamnet died in 1596, at his point he was writing considerably more tragedies than comedies. But Shakespeare was not the only writer to turn melancholy at this time as England was facing a crisis, Queen Elizabeth was growing old and the people were afraid as they were not sure who would succeed her.

Some of his plays are significant to history, such as 'Julius Caesar', which is based on Roman history, this play is considered to be the one that he is most known for. Even though we have little actual facts about Shakespeare he is still considered to be the worlds greatest dramatist.

Shakespeare was a brilliant businessman as well as a playwright. He made sure his plays were what he thought the Elizabethan Audience would enjoy. By doing this he made a considerable amount of money, he would not have been as rich or famous if he didn't think to consider the audience and what they would like. After all if no one likes the play no one will come and see it, which means no money from the ticket sales. The Elizabethan audience was very different to an audience of the 21st century as when we go and see a...