Rosa Parks

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Born on February 4 1913, Rosa Parks was the daughter of James McCauley and Leona Edwards. McCauley, a carpenter, and Edwards, a schoolteacher, named Rosa after her maternal grandmother. McCauley was mostly a builder. Rosa was a sickly child and small for her age. It was hard for her mother to take care of her because her father was absent much of the time. They lived as a family in Pine Level, Alabama until Rosa was two and a half years old and she did not even see him again until she was 5 years old and her brother was three years old. He came back but he left and she did not even see him until she was a married adult. She was a fatherless child most of her life. It changed her life completely to grow up with no kind of father around to guide her. Rosa had brother named Sylvester and as they grew up with each other she became very protective over her brother.

She let anybody brother or mess with him. She never did get out of that attitude of trying to be protective of him. " One day when I was about ten, I met a little white boy named Franklin on the road. He was about my size, maybe a little bit larger. He said something to me, and he threatened to hit me-balled his fist up as if to go give me a sock. I picked up a brick and dared him to hit me. He thought better of the idea and went away."� At that early age, she did not suppose to retaliate on white people even if they did something to you. She knew at the age of ten that she had much in her rights to defend herself just...