Sales force recruiting problems

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Sales Force Management


Interpret the Problem(s)

Paul Robbins who works as the national sales manager for Computer Service Corporation (CSC) is going under a lot of pressure since he's trying hard to attract and recruit new sales reps needed to fill its open territories. Interestingly, this wasn't a new problem for the company as its start emerging since the year before, Interestingly, Paul is seeing a repeating pattern that's kept arising .the latest recruiting results showed that out of every four offers CSC had made, three had been turned down. Simply the recruiting process wasn't as effective as intended .

Elaborately , a lot of quality people are not accepting CSC's offers , instead they are accepting offers for similar positions with some of the marketing giants like P&G and Johnson &Johnson , due to fact that those companies offer higher starting salaries and perks such as company cars .

Examine the Facts

Paul Robins is aware of the fact that one logical solution to the company's recruiting problems is to offer starting salaries comparable to those of the other companies. Conversely, Joe Cannon is not going to support his idea, as it doesn't reflect the company's hiring philosophy, that's one reason, the reason is that implementing the raising salaries idea will impact the marketing costs which apparently will affect the company's bottom line. Having the right people on staff is crucial to the success of an organization. Moreover , sales force selection should be coordinated with an organization's strategic marketing and sales force planning because the sales force plays a major role in implementing the plans (Spiro, Rich, & Stanton, 2008, p. 148) .

The case study shows that there is no generally agree -on set of qualifications or format for conducting the...