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Strategic planning is a process that involves the entire company from the marketing team to the sales force. According to the text, strategic planning needs to be well integrated and highly coordinated. "Marketing must create a strategic plan that is consistent with the strategic plan of the total company. In turn, planning by the sales department is determined by the strategic marketing plan. In this sense, planning starts at the top and works its way down guiding the entire organization. At the same time, planning is a bottom-up process--those creating the strategic plan for the total company must listen carefully to the input of employees at all levels of the organization. Of course, this includes salespeople, who work closely with customers and thus have valuable insight into what direction the firm should take." (Spiro, p.46) After having the full sanction from the company as a whole, the strategies will need to be discussed and implemented.

Described herein will be three sales management strategies that are currently used in organizations and the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy. In addition, examples will be provided in which each strategy could be best utilized.

Once it determines the company's mission, management can set objectives consistent with that mission. After all of that is settled the next step is to reach the objectives and discuss the strategies that can be used to facilitate those actions. "Once the strategic planning process for the entire marketing program has been completed, the role of the sales force has largely been established. That is, the objectives, strategies, and tactics adopted by sales managers generally are limited and guided by the strategic marketing plan." (p.48) Using the text as my guideline and example, the following illustrates the process:

Three strategies used in current organizations include internet selling, multiple sales...