Say "I Do" To A Wedding Consultant

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SAY "I DO"� TO A WEDDING CONSULTANT Stress, anxiety, frustration, is this how you want to feel on your wedding day? Believe it or not many brides-to-be and their grooms are stressed. Instead of focusing on the real purpose, the start of their lives together, most couple's minds are clouded with concerns of whether or not the photographer will arrive to the church on time, and have they made sure that the caterers will have set up the cake at the hall.

Nikki Hartley is getting married in less than a year and already she is feeling the pressure. " I just don't know where to begin,"� says Hartley. She's not alone, most newly-engaged couples are thrilled with the prospect of planning their dream wedding, but then reality sets in and the actual task of planning the big day becomes overwhelming. What type of flowers are we going to have? Where are going to have the reception? Do we want a deejay or live band? These are just a few of the many questions that Nikki and her fiancée have started to ask themselves.

One way to relive this stress is to hire a wedding consultant. Consultants can advise brides like Nikki on as little or as much as she wants them too. They can do anything from creating a budget to researching the hall or shopping for things such as favors and decorations.

"¦..2 -2- "Some couples just want us for the day, while others want us involved every step of the way,"� says Georgina Bruinsma Cajic, a bridal coordinator who runs a Toronto based wedding and event-planning company called Events By Design.

Marilyn Karamaritis recently planned her own wedding with 400 invited guests in a three-month span and in hindsight wishes she had used a...