School Violence

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Columbine High School 1999. When everyone was informed about this, the nation was in shock. What kids would do this, what parents aren't paying enough attention. Sooner or later you must realize something is wrong with your kid, your making his bed and you find a gun or drugs or knives or alcohol. January 5 2002 Tampa Florida a plane flies into a building none died except for the young man taking flying lessons. It turned out they found a letter in his room stating he felt bad for Osama Bin Laden, right there if a kid feels sorry for someone who destroyed many people in America you no something is wrong with him. He had no friends and he was a loner. How wouldn't his parents realize something was going on when no friends came over never went out depressed sitting in his room. Parents should be in touch with there kids they brought them into this world they should look after them.

Is it that hard to ask questions.

Schools need to make sure there kids don't go to school with guns knives drugs explosives or any harmful things. If a kid is having trouble at school with no friends you should talk to him/her confront them with questions ask if something is going wrong. This will prevent them from waking up one day and going to school with a gun. Teachers in school should know about some sort of self defense, whether it be mace, or something too stun the person. Because if they don't BANG, BANG, BANG and three lives were just lost.

Just making fun of someone may put them over the edge. At any of the school shootings most of the kids killed don't even know the kids. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. That's what makes me scared, I'm going to high school next year and what if an older classmen from another town that I have never even seen in my life decides to randomly go into my classroom and shoot everyone up. Then what did I do anything to him? NO, they should have metal detectors at the schools. I wish we wouldn't even have to think about school violence.

Everyone always says OH! Not our little town, nothing ever bad happens here. Well wake up come into reality it would be nice if every town could think that, but do think the parents of the kids at Columbine actually thought there kids would be shot that day. No of course not, what sick minded person would. They were once saying no not our little perfect town too. But now they have to worry every single day when there kids get on that bus to go to school, SCHOOL a place to learn they worry about because of some loner kids that had enough of life.

Somewhere the urge to kill must start in one's mind. They are sick of going to school and having their hair, shoes, clothes, names made fun of. Or how they look. Kids shouldn't have to go through this. I don't always like what the person next to me is wearing but I learn to keep it to myself, because I don't like to be picked on either. The teasing leads to fights and then anger, then someday they just won't be able to take it anymore.

Kids get made fun of for there skin color, is it my fault I was born white, or is it the boy sitting next to me his fault that he is Jewish, no he was born that way. They get made fun of for there skin color, or what they have to wear for religious reasons, like yamakas or turbans. Turbans are mocked out a lot not because of September the eleventh. I could understand being mad or maybe confused with the Talibon and Osama Bin Laden, but the innocent people being beaten and forced to move else where. In Paterson New Jersey September the twelfth schools got closed because they beat a middle eastern boy. It doesn't feel good to be made fun of, it has happened in my own school where fights broke out, they were black mailed just because of an argument. I think schools should be a lot more strict when it comes to guns and things like that so we don't have to worry about what will happen on that day.