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Drifting slow inside, she was in the middle of the crowd when the church bell rang. For some reason, she couldn't move any more. The ringing of the church bell suddenly became so hateful and unbearable. She stood still, until someone tapped on her shoulder, waking her up from the horrible "dream" that was flowing through her mind. She did not turn around, but hurried forward to join the crowd.

She was not surprised by the enormous amount of people there. Although she could not recognize every face, she was certain that none of these people came by force. Yes, they all came because they have loved the girl lying peacefully inside the coffin; they all came because they felt the same sorrow as she did. She watched people paying their last respect to the young girl until it was her turn. She stepped forward, looking at the girl's pale face.

She could not imagine that this was the girl whom she spent most of her time with - her best friend. It seemed just a second ago that she was still with her. But now, they were separated by the heartless boundary of life and death.

She didn't know how she progressed further with the funeral, all she remembered was that people went up one by one to tell the story of what a wonderful person that dead girl was. What's the point? She asked quietly to herself, everyone here had known what a perfect person she was.

She could not bear the sorrowful atmosphere anymore, she slipped away quietly without anyone noticing. Felt sure that she looked quite insignificant among the packed people in the church. She roamed aimlessly. Although she wished that she can find a place, a place where she can cry out loud, a...