She Rose To His Requirements

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She Rose to His Requirement Emily Dickinson is one America's best-known female poets. Emily Dickinson's poem "She Rose to His Requirement" expresses her thought with the intention of the reader to interpret the poem in their in their own way. Every reader will receive different images, themes, and meanings. In this poem is rising up bend your life to fulfill the requirements of others necessary? When a reader reads the poem "She Rose to His Requirement" the reader may get the image of a young woman who just got married and is carrying out the duties of a housewife. She has left her childhood behind and has begun what seems to be a pre-determined model of what a good wife should be. The reader might get the image of a golden wedding ring in which the "gold is worn away" as a result of her heavy work or as a result of fading love, as stated in line 7-8 of the second stanza. Images of the ocean being both beautiful with pearls and at the same time dirty with weeds can be an metaphor for those things which have both pleasant and unpleasant sides to them. For example having a social life, and having "the playthings of her life", are the pearls or the pleasant things in life. Although "carrying out the duties of woman and of wife" resemble the unpleasant things in life. These are just a few examples of images that a reader may encounter while reading this poem.

One way that the meaning of the poem "She Rose to His Requirement" may be interpreted is that in the beginning a woman is facing up to a sacrifice that she made by meeting her husband's strict requirements of what he expects in a wife and giving up...