Shiloh and the Mermaid Syndrome-Part One

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[Subject] [Date] Shiloh and the Mermaid Syndrome Introduction

Eight years old Shiloh Pepin is a force of nature. Mermaid Syndrome. Shiloh is one of only three people in the world, as is known, a condition called sirenomelia, also known as mermaid syndrome (Brown, p. 23-31). She was born with legs fused together, and her parents, Leslie and elmer Pepin, knew it was possible that their child will depend on the syndrome before Leslie gave birth.


Shiloh describes one part of his life as dream good dreams. When I was about 2, she said matter-of-factly, I had my first kidney transplantation. The doctor stressed that the condition is almost always fatal for the newborn (Brown, p. 23-31). I remember [elmer] saying it was beautiful. When she did not die at home, as some expect, Shiloh parents brought her to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center, where Shiloh saw Dr.

Matthew sides, kidney specialist.

Matt was the first doctor who looked at Shiloh and saw a girl in need of assistance, and medical business, which was uncertain, said elmer.

Hand deferred to the parents to allow the one course of treatment. Doctors think that because the circulatory system does not develop normally in the womb, kidneys and other organs are not as they should.

Shiloh in the fused legs was visible evidence of his condition (Brown, p. 23-31), but they were not the reason it was so dangerous, and is often fatal. In general, it has undergone more than 150 surgeries, many to restore or compensate for missing internal organs.

'All the children love her'

In addition, it has become well-known personality in his hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine, where she likes to go bowling with friends, including Samantha Mitchell and Zach Kellett, her cousins and frequent...