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I put on my shoe in the morning as usual only to find a small hole. With not much time to spare before going to school, I ignore it for the time being. The hole was not big but only noticeable if stared directly from the front, on the tip of shoes where I have the habit of kicking small rocks. Thoughts on the need to buy another pair of shoes irritated me, the process of getting the shoes outweighs the enjoyment of wearing it. I knew that if I ever have to buy a pair of shoes, it would be a pair of Nike Shoes.

I have always enjoyed watching Nike commercials, they often tell a simple message with a funny twist. The creativity of the producers and the skill of the players help boost a practically worthless product into an item that can be tagged for over 200 dollars.

These commercials are constantly played during prime time, casually influencing me to consider buying the shoes that is out of my price range. Although the shoes looks amazing, it is surprising to find that they are sold at such high price. The material that was used to make the shoes cost only a slight fraction of the retail price, but through careful advertisement and precise design, the value is falsely inflated to the limit.

In order to pay for the shoes I had to work in a pet store for 3 weeks earning minimum wage, doing everything from working the cash register to janitorial work after the store has closed for the day. Every time I bend down to remove the animal waste from the cages I wonder why have I put myself in this torture chamber just to earn a pair of shoes? All these thoughts vanished on payday, bad memories of the few weeks became insignificant as I reach footlocker, the thought of being rewarded after hard work is overwhelming. After over half an hour of searching, I finally found a perfect pair. It has a shiny silver check sign on the lower back of the shoe towards the outside, black synthetic leather covers the upper third with silver stripes running up and down on the white portion of the shoe. Near the bottom is air holes that goes right through the shoe with a couple of durable rubber posts supporting the rear, giving maximum air time during a jump. As I walk home from the store, I can't help but peak into the bag once in a while to look at the valued item.

The fist day of wearing new shoes is always weird, every shoes fits the contour of your feet differently, often takes a few days of walking to get used to it. I was especially careful when walking, trying not to get it dirty and scratched while deep down inside I knew that within 3 month, a hole will appear on the front of the shoes and all the hard work I put into of getting the shoes will go to waste.